Gold Rate Today In Mumbai - 22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rates

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Talk about what the price of gold in Mumbai is today, not only Mumbai but the challenge of buying gold is increasing among the people of the whole country. Gold prices in Mumbai are lower than in other cities, we are providing the price of gold and we are going to tell you what is the latest price of gold and silver in Mumbai today.

[Gold Rate Today In Mumbai 

12 February 2020]

Gram 22 Carat Gold Rate Mumbai 24 Carat Gold Rate Mumbai
1 Gram ₹ 3,881 ₹ 3,993
8 Gram ₹ 31,048 ₹ 31,944
10 Gram ₹ 38,810 ₹ 39,930
100 Gram ₹ 3,88,100₹ 3,99,300

How are gold and silver prices decided in Mumbai?

There are many ways to fix the price of gold, you can calculate the price of rupee against the dollar by taking the international price of gold. Banks import gold and extract profits from octroi and local expenses. Therefore, what you pay at a jeweler's shop, all these things are also associated with a making charge {making charge}.

Buy gold in Mumbai through electronic means?

There are many problems associated with bank lockers too, so we have told you in this article that investors and Sonu should consider the possibility of buying gold in an electronic group so that they can avoid all the problems and troubles mentioned earlier. Choose this option as the process is not so complicated, although be aware that you should inquire with the bank if they offer locker facilities and you can negotiate with them. That is, you can rate the rate less. If you have a fixed deposit in the same bank, then you will be charged less, although nowadays the rules have changed and there are many banks in which you have to pay a lot of fees to keep them in the locker even after your fixed deposit and many banks such There are also those who do not charge you.

It is very important to take proper care of gold and silver?

Gold has become a valuable asset and it should also be looked after properly. People think about different departments. The best option right now is to open a locker in the bank.
There are many banks that provide this facility but at the same time the bank has to pay some fee for this and there are many banks that do not have to pay for a small locker, the bank has to pay a fee of ₹ 5000. You can store your gold carefully in it.

It depends on the size of the locker, how much you will have to pay, we will always give you the master and where cheap people are available, you can hail your gold and silver correctly. One important thing that is worth noting is that if you lose the key to the locker, you have to take a very long process to get your things back and you can get into a lot of trouble so you Carefully hold the key or the process is very tiring. So always keep two keys of your locker or if there is a key, then keep it well.

Do you protect your gold and jewelry in Mumbai?

When there are so many banks around us, keeping gold somewhere other than the bank can prove to be very foolish. You can keep the gold in private lock also. Nowadays a Hi-tech lock juice facility is available which is run by private agencies. There have been many incidents in which bank lockers have been broken many times or things have been taken out or stolen by building a tunnel from inside.

Although this has been seen to happen very little, it is not impossible to happen, if you live in Mumbai and want to store a small amount of gold in your flat or house in Mumbai then you cannot do it because there is too much of it there is a danger, the risk of theft is very high, so keep your gold and silver in a good bank locker. Or keep it safe in the vault of your house.