Gold Rate Today In Qatar In Riyal - What Is The Gold Rate Today In Qatar

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{16 February 2020}

Gold rate today in Qatar

Gold Price Today In Qatar Per Gram
Karat Gold Price
24K = 181.57 QAR
23K = 174.00 QAR
22K = 166.44 QAR
21K = 158.87 QAR
18K = 136.17 QAR
16K = 121.04 QAR
14K = 105.91 QAR
12K = 90.78 QAR
10K = 75.65 QAR
9K = 68.09 QAR
8K = 60.52 QAR

The following table shows the latest gold price in Qatar in Qatari riyal per Ounce. the rates are updated every few minutes and auto-update more frequently at times of strong price moves base on live spot gold price.

gold prices per ouns are converted from USD to Qatar real according to the latest exchange rates where are 1 USD = 3.64 Qatari riyal.

gold prices are calculated both for on gram kilograms and in total and for the most common carats.

Qatar is known officially as the state of Qatar. The nation shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia to the south, and the rest of the country is bordered by the Persian Gulf. The Government of the nation consists of a unitary constitutional monarchy and it has a population of approximately 2,600,000.

the official language of Qatar is Arabic and the nation's capital is the city of Doha.

Qatar's economy is one of the world's wealthiest based on GDP per capita. Both petroleum and natural gas are the backbone of Qatar's economy.and account for nearly three-quarters of total government revenue and more than 60% of the Nations's GDP.

the country has some of the largest natural gas reserves in the world and is one of the top exporters of the commodity. other main areas of industry that the nation is involved in include ammonia, cement, ship preparation, fertilizer, crude oil, and petrochemicals. the nation's main export partner includes South Korea, India, Japan, Singapore, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

Gold is available in multiple forms for investment proposes including bullions bars, coins, and even jewelry. For those looking to acquire a significant amount of gold bullion Bars potentially offer the best overall value. Bars Trend to carry the lowest overall premium making them relatively less expensive on an ouns for ouns basis. Bars can also be started and stored in a safe, bank safe deposit box or in a depository.